Welcome!  You’ve managed to find the miniscule part of the Internet that I can proudly call my own.  Here, you’ll be able to read about (I hope you can read, otherwise, just enjoy the pretty pictures) me and my thoughts as they are happening.  There’s no need to wait by the mailbox any longer to get a letter from me, this Internet thing is real time baby!  I’ve never been afraid to share my thoughts and I have nothing to hide.  In addition to reading my deepest, darkest thoughts, you can also sense my brainwaves on the latest technology trends and the companies getting the job done.

At times, I’ll upload pictures of my friends and the (sometimes) crazy trips we embark.  Otherwise, you can see pictures of my mug as I experience the journey we call life.  Some point in the future, I’ll get one of those cool digicams and post my videos here, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Currently, I’m totally enthralled with the Rock’n’Roll culture and the brands associated with it, like Ed Hardy and Mark Nason.  So much so that I’ve designed this site in homage to the culture.  For instance, the dragon is Mark Nason’s logo and The Breadman By Adam Schwebel is patterned after Ed Hardy’s script logo.  Rap is dead, long live Rock’n’Roll!

Now go forth, young visitor, and experience all The Breadman has to offer.


the world as seen through my eyes

This website has been online since 1996.  V4 has been covering these pages for the greater part of this decade, but this is the 5th major release of my website.  It sports a completely new look, one that is based on iWeb which happens to be the first template-based web authoring program I’ve ever used.